Fetal Medicine


Since 2001, the FMFA has conducted medical research leading to the publication of dozens of refereed articles in the medical literature.

These articles relate to:

  • Improving pregnancy outcomes under complicated conditions
  • Prenatal diagnosis and screening for genetic disorders
  • Creating new approaches to make labor and delivery safer
  • Fetal medical, surgical, and genetic therapies to treat fetal problems before birth.

Representative Recent Publications

Uterine contraction frequency in the last hour of labor: how many contractions are too many?
Mark I. Evans , David W. Britt, Jaqueline Worth, George Mussalli, Shara M. Evans, Lawrence D. Devoe

Combined prenatal and postnatal prediction of early neonatal compromise risk
Robert D. Eden, Mark I. Evans, David W. Britt, Shara M. Evans, Paula Gallagher & Barry S. Schifrin

The Fetal Reserve Index Significantly Outperforms ACOG Category System in Predicting Cord Blood Base Excess and pH: A Methodological Failure of the Category System
Mark I. Evans, MD, David W. Britt, PhD, Robert D. Eden, MD, Paula Gallagher, PhD, Shara M. Evans, MSC, MPH, and Barry S. Schifrin, MD

Re-conceptualizing fetal monitoring
Mark I. Evans, Robert D. Eden, David W. Britt, Shara M. Evans, Barry S. Schifrin

Noninvasive prenatal screening or advanced diagnostic testing: caveat emptor
Mark I. Evans, MD; Ronald J. Wapner, MD; Richard L. Berkowitz, MD

Folic Acid Supplementation to Prevent Recurrent Neural Tube Defects: 4 Milligrams Is Too Much
Cara D. DolinAndrea L. Deierlein, Mark I. Evans

The epidemic of abnormal copy number variant cases missed because of reliance upon noninvasive prenatal screening
Mark I. Evans, Stephanie Andriole, Jenifer Curtis, Shara M. Evans, Alan A. Kessler, Andrew F. Rubenstein

The price of abandoning diagnostic testing for cell‐free fetal DNA screening
Mark I. Evans, Shara M. Evans, Terry Ann Bennett, Ronald J. Wapner

The “Fetal Reserve Index”: Re-Engineering the Interpretation and Responses to Fetal Heart Rate Patterns
Robert D. Eden, Mark I. Evans, Shara M. Evans, Barry S. Schifrin

Fetal Reduction: 25 Years’ Experience
Mark I. Evans, Stephanie Andriole, David W. Brittc

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